Who We Are

Thomas Nedderman, LPC, CADC, CRC

Director of Intake


My name is Thomas (aka Tom Bob). I am a cisgender gay male. I was born in Gary, Indiana and did most of my growing up in Waco, Texas where it seems like everybody’s middle name is “Bob.” I have always been curious about my inner world and consider the therapeutic journey to be vast and steeped with possibility and potential. Simply put, therapy is how I understand life and intuits the world around me.

I have had quite a journey of discovery and rich life experiences over the past 60 years of navigating life. And to that point, I draw from every bit of that experience as the Director of Intake for both Andersonville Psychology and Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy (our partner practice), where I am also a psychotherapist.

As the Director of Intake, I coordinate, schedule, and act as the liaison between new clients and therapists during the initial intake process. I am likely to be your first point of contact when it comes to pursuing therapy, and/or psychological testing. I aim to be warm, accepting, and completely in your corner when it comes to finding a therapist that is just the right fit for you.

In addition to coordinating the intake process, I also connect Andersonville Psychology and Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy with a rich and extensive network of resources and referrals. This ensures that all clients receive the best treatment and care possible.

You can reach me directly by phone at 773-454-1807 or email at tombob@andersonvillepsychology.com

I see clients for psychotherapy at Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy, you can view my FULL BIO here.

Andersonville Psychology is now Andersonville Mindfulness & Psychology